Frequently Asked Questions

Arrival to the airport, where are they located?

Located inside the airport, at the exit of migration, in front of the checkpoint of Customs.

When leaving the customs section, Where did you find them?

Notify the customs police officer and he will call the employee on duty to assist you (since when leaving the customs section you can not re-enter).

What is the procedure to follow to rent a vehicle?

Upon arrival at our counter, you will be transferred on the shuttle to our central offices at 1km, and there your contract will be issued and the vehicle will be delivered to you.

What documents do I need to rent a vehicle?

You need a valid credit card and driver's license.

Is it mandatory to take covers?

Yes, because by law, according to the traffic regulations of El Salvador, it is mandatory that all vehicles that circulate have coverage, since the vehicle must be protected in some way.

If my credit card covers damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident, should I still take additional coverages?

Yes, because the benefits of the cards are for cardholders in the United States and not for other countries.

What benefits do I get when renting with NATIONAL?

If you become a frequent NATIONAL member or customer, you can get more benefits than with any other brand: NATIONAL points for each day of rent which becomes free rental days, access to special offers only for members and birthday parties, upgrades free (depending on availability), coverage at a lower price, selection of car on the track, guaranteed availability (if you pay online), permits to go out of the country at half price, free drop-off (where we have branches), less wait, shuttle service from the airport to the terminal, access to your rental contracts with your member number, accreditation of NATIONAL rental points, and much more.

Qualify all rentals to get NATIONAL points?

No, not all rentals qualify. Rents that do not qualify to accumulate frequent flyer points include (but are not limited to) special promotions (2x1, discounts greater than 20%), premium rentals, vouchers, rates for the travel industry, tourist packages from wholesalers , exchanges, insurance / dealer replacement, promotional rates in conjunction with hotels and travel.

Which rents do you qualify for for NATIONAL points?

Qualify all the rents made in our pages NATIONAL.COM and NATIONALELSALVADOR.COM, as well as all the rents that carry a discount equal to or less than 20%.

How can I earn credits / frequent flyer miles in my rentals?

Include in each reservation your member number or frequent traveler. The miles or points will be credited to your account within approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the date of the rental return. If you did not indicate your frequent flyer number in your reservation or rental, you can request that a retroactive credit of your NATIONAL points be processed by giving the contract number of the rent to which it was not applied. The term for accreditation varies. To receive credit for points or retroactive miles, you have three options:

    a) Fill out the Request for Points form and send it through our website for automatic processing (at the end of the EMERALD CLUB page).

    b) Communicate directly with our offices, or

    c) Send us your claim by email or post. Be sure to include the following: Your name, address and telephone number, copy of the rental agreement or rental agreement number, your frequent flyer number, a copy of your boarding pass or air ticket receipt showing that you took that flight, if applicable. Send it to NATIONAL EL SALVADOR: Customer Service: Km 42 ½ Autopista a Comalapa, San Luis Talpa, La Paz, El Salvador, Central America.